Weekly Spotlight

Leading up to the event, we'd like to put a spotlight on certain hackers and share their story on how they got started.

Giorgia Willits

Giorgia is a senior studying Computer Science. Over summer she worked at Trip Advisor as a back end engineer and currently she is working on 'Homie' which automatically calculates and notifies housemates of shared expenses.

"Describe the hack you are most proud of"

I worked on a team of 4 during an intern hackathon last summer to make a web app for people to plan trips as a group. The app lets groups of people compare different hotels and attractions, comment on them, and then vote for what they want to see and where they want to stay. It was a really fun experience and we ended up winning 3rd place!

"What are you working on now?"

(Not sure yet what I'll be doing for cal hacks, but in my spare time) I'm working on a web application to help roommates split expenses like rent, utilities, and supplies. Some of the main features are being able to set deadlines and send reminders. The goal is to eventually make the monthly utilities calculation automated so that it doesn't take as much time for the person in charge to calculate.

"What made you attend your first hackathon?"

I attended my first hackathon because I wanted to learn something new and apply what I had learned in classes to a practical application. I didn't end up finishing the app, but I did learn a ton along the way!

"What advice would you give to aspiring hackers? How do they make the most out of their first hackathon."

Work on something that you are really interested in and be open to learning new things! Take advantage of the Internet and all the awesome mentors at the hackathon. Also, don't forget to collect the free swag and free food!

We hope to have more spotlights leading up to the event and are excitedly counting down to the event!

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