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Major League Hacking 2020 Hackathon Season


Cubstart is a beginning hacker program to help hackathons less intimidating and more accessible for anyone interested in technology! We provide mentorship for team building, ideation, basic hackathon skills, and technical workshops to encourage those with little or no CS experience to try out hackathons and coding!

If you believe you are someone who is passionate about learning and wants to create a hackathon project from start to finish, Cubstart is the place for you.

Applications for Cubstart are now closed. We'll be releasing acceptances shortly!

Cubstart Curriculum

Through a series of four workshops covering two main tracks - Web Development and iOS Development - attendees will learn about what a hackathon really is as well as develop skills to aid them with building a successful hack.

Workshop 1 • Intro & Orientation • 9/28

Welcome to Cubstart! Learn all about what a hackathon is, form a team, and start thinking about ideas to pursue.

Workshop 2 • Diving into Code • 10/5

Web Development: Intro to HTML + CSS

iOS Development: Swift crash course + Basic App

Workshop 3 • Styling and Building • 10/12

Web Development: Styling with more CSS + JS

iOS Development: Maps tooling and SDK

Workshop 4 • API Day • 10/19

Web Development: More JS + small Flask App to call API

iOS Development: Scraping and calling APIs

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1st time hackers


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Cubstart in Words

“As someone who basically have no idea what a Hackathon is, the session was really helpful and somewhat inspiring. I really understood what a 'good' idea is and how there is no fixed definition.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cubstart?

Cubstart is our initiative to introduce the hackathon space to beginners from all backgrounds interested in technology.

What's the time commitment like?

A hackathon is an event where students create tech projects in a collaborative environment. Students begin with an idea and work towards a complete project over the course of 24-72 hours.

Are mentors provided?


What if I don't have any coding or hacking experience

It's absolutely fine if you don't! This program is designed for beginners, and you don't need prior coding or hackathon experience at all.

Can I take the same team from Cubstart to Cal Hacks


When are the workshops?

The workshops are: 9/28, 10/5, 10/12, and 10/19 from 1-4 PM every Saturday leading up to the hackathon!

How is Cubstart formatted?

Combination of workshop + office hours + hands-on activities.

Who can apply to Cubstart?

Unfortunately, this program is only open for students enrolled at UC Berkeley. Students of all grades and majors are encouraged to apply!

Can I apply without a team or Idea?

Yes, there will be a team mixer to form teams for the hackathon!

If I get accepted to Cubstart, do I get accepted to Cal Hacks?

Yes, you will be able to participate at Cal Hacks 6.0.

Have more questions?

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