Major League Hacking 2020 Hackathon Season

Side projects, but front and center.

This isn't a hackathon. It's your project, at your own pace.

Cal Hacks presents Hack Month, a brand-new initiative for university students to build for the sake of building! Let us help you ideate and develop your project, over 4 weeks of guided building in October.

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About Us

We're a nonprofit organization composed of students passionate about fostering a culture of hacking, entrepreneurship, and social good via the empowerment of technology.

Our mission is to empower others with technology to create solutions to better the world.

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Our annual hackathon, hosted at UC Berkeley's beautiful campus, is where the technology of the future is born.


A program for new hackers designed to make the hackathon experience less intimidating but more accessible!


A program that hosts hackathon teams after the event to continue building and growing their projects to where they want to take it next.

Our Team

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